Why choose SiteTech Home Inspections..?

Finding A Good Home Inspector Is Like Finding A Good Doctor.

Beginning December 31, 2006 all Home Inspectors in the state of New York must be licensed in order to perform Home Inspections. This new law was enacted to protect homeowners from being scammed by untrained individuals.  Be sure to retain a home inspection company that utilizes only N.Y.S. Licensed Professional Inspectors and be sure to ask for their N.Y.S. license number in advance. Unfortunately, the law did allow for "grandfathering" of individuals with a certain number of past inspections and some of the less scrupulous individuals slipped through the system. Make sure you ask where they got their training from, and if it is not of a formal nature, think twice before making your choice. A licensed home inspector should never offer to repair, for a fee, any defects that were uncovered during the inspection (that would be a clear conflict of interest and should cause you to question any of the inspector's findings, as well as the overall ethical standards of that inspector).

SiteTech Home Inspections, LLC is registered with the State of New York as a legitimate home inspection business and all of our inspector's are insured as well as licensed by the state of New York to perform home inspections in accordance with established standards.

"Nice Inspection, they took a few notes and scribbled out what they called a report. Is this the way it's suppose to be done?"

Absolutely not...! Be sure to have the home inspector summarizes the findings and  provide  a full verbal report at the conclusion of the inspection. A comprehensive documented home inspection report should be available the next working day after the home inspection is complete. You should expect an easy to understand detailed written home inspection report (not just a checklist). You should expect the home inspector to provide the answers to any questions you may have regarding the report. You should expect the Inspector's door to be open for answers to future questions.

At SiteTech Home Inspections we will provide you with a comprehensive verbal overview at the end of the inspection, detailing all the key elements of the home inspection that make your home structurally secure. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive written report, including detailed photos, shortly after the inspection takes place. It is our promise to you, that any questions or concerns that you have with regard to our provided service will be addressed immediately.

         * At the conclusion of our inspection you will know the condition of
            the home you are purchasing, including all positive and negative

         * You will know what repairs are needed, as well as the urgency of
            the needed repairs, and the magnitude of the repair costs.

         * You will know a proper course correcting any defective conditions
            and whether alternatives are available. You will also know if there
            are any unsafe conditions and  whether there are any risks of
            hidden deterioration.
         * You will have this information in a comprehensive documented
            report  immediately following the inspection.

The SiteTech Guarantee